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Holy mangina!

Posted in Life by J.D. on June 3, 2010

Mangina: the condition of man when on the exterior, he appears calm, cool, and collected, while on the inside he is scared out of his mind. This is usually triggered by the sight of an attractive female.

Mangina is a disease that all guys have every once and awhile. Some people call it cold feet, other people may call it being a pussy. I call it mangina. It’s an inability to take the first step and introduce yourself and make yourself vulnerable. Or do something silly and hope for attention. It is a condition of man that can make or break you, and hot damn it feels pretty good right now.

Ohmygod I totally have it right now. I haven’t had it in such a long, long time, either. I try to keep a cool exterior, especially around people I’m not familiar with, or when I’m by myself. I was by myself at the time, and the very attractive female walked past and said hey. I said what’s up back to her in my dashing, cool way (right), but inside, it was much different.. My heart sunk. That fucker dropped all the way to the floor. In my head I had been transported to grade school thinking Ohmygodthisreallyhotgirlsaidhitome! A shiver went up my spine and I this close to giggling. Fucking giggling.

In intelligent retrospect, I feel very happy just to feel my heart sink and emotions run wild again. Six months ago in the same situation, I probably would have wondered how I could have manipulated her into my bed. Not anymore. That shit was downright harsh.

Now, I’m waiting for that next moment for my heart to cannonball into the deep end and see what happens.

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