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Small dogs: I think those little shits and cats should be grouped together as probably the most annoying things on earth. Maybe even more than cats. Holy shit. I just said something’s more annoying to me then cats. I was driving to class today and I saw some guy walking a hot-dog dog (Dachshund, you didn’t need the fancy name to know what kinda shit dog I was talking about) and I had pity for the guy. For a second I wanted to run over the dog. It would’ve probably made the guy’s day. All those little things do is piss, shit, yelp, bark, and shit some more. Oh, yeah, girls like how cuddly they can be. Well, ladies, when your “I love small dogs” representative to the world is Paris Hilton, it should say something to you.

Begging to be stepped on

I’m going to fucking eat you.

I don’t want a fucking dog that can fit in a purse. I want a dog that looks like a mean sunuvabitch and is loved and adored by all. And I’m going to name him General. Shit, I should name him Patton or Leonidas or Ulysses or something like. I’m going to have the dog that makes little shit dogs like the one over there on the right quiver and run away. Like a fucking bulldog. Are bulldogs smaller dogs? Sure. Small as little prissy-pants over there? Not a chance. Those things look as tough as nails and can make women melt in no time. You know why? Because they’re fucking awesome.

Redheads: Holyfuckingshit redheads. They do something to me, man. I don’t know what it is. Similar to the heartdropping feeling I’ve had as of recent posts. I mean hell yeah. I make no bones about this. Redheads are hot, and if you are a redhead, watch out. I’m working out and trying to lose weight so I can bag as many of you in the sack as possible. I should have clarified this earlier. Redheads don’t annoy me, it’s just the entire manginariffic feeling I get around them. God damn you, redheads. But I love you!

Shaving: Who the hell shaves? God, it’s warm tonight. I think I should go Ambrose Burnsides on you all this winter. ‘Cause that’ll look great.

JD's beard circa Winter 2010-2011

And just because:

You’ve been RICK ROLL’D!

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