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Posted in Uncategorized by J.D. on September 30, 2010

I’m watching Sportscenter and they’re talking about the strategies (or lack thereof) of teams like the Yankees and Devil Rays are using to keep their key players rested and prepping the ones that need the most work in garbage time for the playoffs. Then it occurred to me: I don’t care. Even if the Red Sox did make the playoffs I don’t know if I would have cared. For those of us that don’t even watch baseball, we’re about to be treated for two more months of playoffs that will drag on and actually make us happy to see basketball again.

Talk about a stretch.

So then I thought, this is America’s Pastime! The great game of baseball! The game of Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Jackie Robinson and Carl Yastrzemski!

Oh. It’s also the game of Ty Cobb, Mickey Mantle, the Black Sox, Canseco, BALCO, McGwire, Sosa, Pete Rose, A-Rod, Bonds, and that idiot Bud Selig.

HGH? Is that like beer and hot dogs?

Should more negative things come to mind when I think about the sport that is allegedly America’s Pastime than positive? Maybe that’s just me, but seriously? If anything it makes me wonder if baseball is dead? Is it really America’s Pastime? Or is it becoming a P.S. to the sports world?  How many of us throw baseball under the rug when football starts? I know I’m one of them. Baseball is a nuisance to me when they advertise wild card or divisional rounds. Get this off the television! I wanna see Aaron Rodgers bomb it out!

I’m not sure how many people want to see how baseball was played in the 19th century (maybe me, just once). McGwire and Sosa dueling for home runs and doing everything but dry-humping each other after they both broke the record was interesting, but it goes away. A-Rod may eventually break the home run record, but that will also go away. And if one day we find that Albert Pujols used steroids, it’s going to break lots of kids’ hearts (including mine) but it’s going to go away.

Hitting 75 home runs in a season isn’t interesting to me. Something that’s interesting to me is a player trying to break Hack Wilson’s 191 RBI record in a season. Nobody past 1950 is even on the top 5 of that list! Try to break that record, HGH-boys!

Baseball is the bottom of the 8th inning with the score 1-0, bases loaded and two outs. A pinch-hitter comes up to bat and 45,000 people are screaming at the top of their lungs until the first pitch. Then it goes deathly silent. If it’s a strike, they moan and complain. If it’s a ball, they scream and clap. If you don’t feel anything with that many people willing one person to hit a bloop single to left, you don’t have a heart. All you feel is that if this hitter can score one, just one runner home that your team has a chance to take the lead and win the game. Baseball is that moment, that clinching, teeth-grinding, on-the-tip-of-your-toes moment hoping the guy makes some kind of impact with bat on ball.

It doesn’t matter if he hits the ball or not. Win or lose, that moment is going to return, and it’s the moments that you’ll remember, not the final score.

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