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The rich post

Posted in Uncategorized by J.D. on June 8, 2010

Rob and I were talking about this after the gym, so I decided to write this one out. We all wanna be rich. We’ve all dreamed about what we would do with it. Here’s mine.

The Necessaries

  • After graduating, pay off all my undergrad loans and the money the state paid for the MSW
  • Pay off all loans my family owns, buy any mortgages so my parents don’t owe a dime
  • Give my family as much money as they need
  • I would probably finish my education all the way up to my therapist’s license. Just in case tragedy would hit I could have some kind of job after going broke.
  • I would pay my sibs to do the same, and then after they’ve had enough education, they’d have a choice: pursue their careers as they see fit or hang out with me and be rich 🙂
  • After everything with my family and self was taken care of, my full attention would be brought to my friends. I’d pay off Beck and Paul’s mortgage, and buy Micah and Mandy a house. Rob could live wherever he wanted too. Or they could all live near me. Or both. I’d just buy a flat in Scranton.

The Fun

  • You guys know I love history. I buy as much land in Gettysburg and give it to the NPS. I’d also ask them for a straight dollar amount to be able to take a horse and ride around the battlefield with nobody stopping me and anyone else that wanted to come with me. In a broader scope, I think this would be my philanthropy. I’d buy as much threatened and non-threatened Civil War land and give it to the NPS. Preserving history and a damn nice tax write-off.
  • Season tickets to Fenway.
  • I’d be able to accomplish a life goal of finding the towns in Germany and Poland where my family came from.
  • I’d definitely travel. Travel, travel, travel. An ultimate history tour of the world.
  • A special Las Vegas Fund
  • The Todd Wroker Special aka “How much money do I need to close this strip club and make it private for me and my buddies”
  • A special Christmas where I’d give special people a blank piece of paper and tell them they had 6 months to create their perfect car. No expense spared. V12? Check. Corinthian leather seats? Good. Need for speed? Perfect.

I’m sure there’s lots else. That’s all I could get.

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  1. Marissa said, on June 9, 2010 at 10:55 pm

    Awwww, brother.

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