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Posted in Life by J.D. on June 6, 2010

Yeah, it’s 7:20 on Sunday morning. So what? I can’t sleep in sometimes. It’s called getting old. If it hasn’t happened already to you, it will.

Late last week I was told that my Supervision class on Saturdays was going to be moved to McGowan. For those non-Marywood students, McGowan is basically where I spent my life in undergrad as it housed the psych classes. I’m proud to say my sister is currently prowling those halls as a soon to be sophomore. When I heard it was McGowan, I was very happy. McGowan! McGowan! The first thing I wanted to do when I got there was walk down the hallway with all the professors. I knew the names were going to be different but the feelings the same.

I remember sitting outside my advisor’s office waiting for her just to sign the damn paper so I could register for classes. Every time she’d look over my grades and make judgments that I thought were so wrong at the time. Yeah, they all turned out to be right. I remember once she said I should wait a few years for grad school. I thought she was nuts! So to spite her I tried it anyway, and soon after failed out because I just couldn’t do it. I wait a few years, get some experience on my belt, and in May I’ll have my MSW. Thanks, Sister Gail.

I also remember just the feeling of home in this little hallway. Most of the teachers knew my name, but I think this was because I was a guy more than I was a goof. You could knock and go in any of their offices and they’d be happy to see you. Can’t say that now at work. Every time you walked down that hallway you saw someone you knew. You said hi or you didn’t, but you knew they were going through the same classes you did. You knew that they were trying to find a reason to perform an experiment or they were trying to decode the god-awful nonsense that was statistics.

So, when I went to class, I made sure I left a little early so I could take a slow walk down the psych hall. It felt that I never left. I took a picture just for nostalgia.

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