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Damn geminis

Posted in Life by J.D. on August 11, 2008

Are you a Gemini? If you’re not, well done. If you are, well then you’ve probably been called two-faced and indecisive. But you’re probably a great thinker and witty (well thank you, if I may say so myself). But damn it, indecisiveness is killer! As a Gemini I at times think I can be indecisive, yet most of the times I see both sides of the story. Here’s some examples that are troubling me (and not just because I’m a friggin’ Gemini):

  • Relationships: On one side they’re great, but on the other side, who needs ’em? One side tells me that hey, this should happen eventuallyso don’t worry, for the love of your life should be around and the other side says you wanna wait around for some broad to come around and mess up your life?Now seriously, I’m not schizophrenic. I like talking to myself sometimes, but I don’t answer myself back. Damn Geminis!
  • Adulthood: One side tells me hey, you’re 25, what’s the rush? So what, you love video games and would rather talk about muscle cars than women? The other part reminds me how I’ve been rushed into adulthood because of your job, and you basically know how to parent a child correctly since your job is centered around how parents raise their children poorly. So you basically know what not to do. You see, this schism hurts the most as my learning curve for adulthood is skewed because of having to make best practice decisions for children. But if you know enough of me then you know that deal, so I won’t go on.
  • Expectations: One side says who the fuck is expecting anything out of you? If they are, they should shove it, as you live your own life at your own time, damn it! People will be in and out of your life because of what you do now, not what you’re expected to do. The other half reminds me of how I’ve been raised, and what is expected of you because of this. You are expected to live your life within reason and provide for yourself well so you can eventually provide for others. Blech.

The world is different. As my mother turned 50 yesterday, she was reminded that she had me when she was 25, my own age. I had time to clean out my closet while at my parents’ home and found all the old high school yearbooks and the senior pictures of people that I cared for. I found old, goofy stories that I wrote when I was 9 and almost obsessive poems about a girl I liked in high school. Always a Gemini, the goofy stories and the lovey-dovey poems were thrown out. Those were parts of my life that came and went. The yearbooks and senior pictures stayed. There are parts of my life that I’d rather leave behind. These are parts of all of our lives. Those parts stay with us all our lives, and we choose a select few to help us bear those burdens and flesh them out. While I believe I have found those people, I hope I can at least find one more.

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  1. Rob said, on August 18, 2008 at 12:43 pm

    How do you think I feel? I’m a Virgo…the eternal virgin.

    stupid astrology

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